Kosik Lab 2018. Credit: Chelsea Leopardi
Credit: Chelsea Leopardi

What We Do

Our lab is interested in fundamental biological processes related to the brain and evolution. Using the cellular, molecular, genetic and bioinformatic tools, and cutting edge technologies including single cell RNA-sequencing, microelectrode array, stem cell derived organoids, and CRISPRi screening, we are trying to understand the underlying molecular mechanism of neuroplasticity and neurodegenerative diseases.

"No doubt the pressure of our work is great, but we take all the risks to experience what very few people can--the joy of discovery and adding to human knowledge."

Kenneth S. Kosik
Harriman Professor of Neuroscience


Much like Santa Barbara’s beautiful weather, NRI itself is a symbol of welcome. The department provides core facilities, solid support, and a friendly environment for academic pursuits. Scientific collaboration on all levels is encouraged as is discussion in experimental troubleshooting, sharing lab resources, sincere insights from easily approached, highly regarded and world class professors. Undergraduates are drawn to research projects here and go on to attend graduate and medical schools national wide.

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